Venture Into Watercolors

Recently a friend of mine asked me to create some illustrations for her nursery based on pictures she had taken throughout Europe. It gave me a great opportunity to get off the computer for awhile and explore the use of watercolors (which I've been meaning to try out for quite some time). These are the resulting illustrations. We both agreed that we wanted them to be bright and fun for her upcoming son or daughter, and I think they hit that mark.


Rock On!

Designing a logo isn't cool (necessarily). You know what's cool? Designing a logo that gets put onto a Fender Telecaster. That's cool.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Fender had big plans for the Girl Rock Nation logo that I designed for them, which included putting it on a limited edition Lilith Fair / Girl Rock Nation Fender Telecaster!

Sadly this beauty had to stay at my old agency in Phoenix, but here are a few pics of the awesomeness:


NM –––> MN

Welp, it's finally that time! We're moving back to Minneapolis!

Phoenix, we've had a good run. The last 4 and a half years have been quite a ride. I've learned a ton, met some amazing folks and gotten a LOT of sunburns.

I'm definitely stoked to be returning to my "second home" (first being Madison, WI, and always will be).

Two things I still need to get situated...

1. Apartment

If you know of any places that will accept a 75lb. yellow lab, please let me know ASAP! (His name is Wyatt and he's a good boy). We're looking specifically in NE Mpls, Como Park area and Grand Ave. area (my husband will be working in Stillwater, so we're trying to find a compromise in location).

2. Job

To pay for said apartment. Hey Minneapolis agencies – I like you all. Do you like me? Check Yes or No. I'm a hard worker, great thinker, fast learner and I'm kind of awesome. Let's talk soon.

The rest of this month is definitely going to be pretty crazy, but I'm really excited to see where this next chapter will take me.


Conan's Kinetic Farewell

Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.

This super cool kinetic typography video has been making its way around all week. Love it. And I try to live by the quote, "If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen."


Arizona Tourism Alliance – Logo

Every year the Arizona Tourism Alliance holds an event to both unite industry professionals throughout AZ as well as honor a person or organization that has contributed to Arizona's tourism industry.

This year ATA is honoring Arizona's golf industry. I had a lot of fun exploring some directions that touch on golf's heritage.


Collateral pieces are currently in progress.


Puma Turf – Kristin Agnarsdottir

I'm loving this student project by Kristin Agnarsdottir showcased on The Dieline.

As a sucker for both the Puma brand and minimalist design, I'd buy this whole set up in a second if these were real products.

More of Kristin's work can be found here.

We Are MA

My copywriter, Christina, and I convinced the powers that be to allow us to create Moses Anshell's first digital holiday card. What resulted was a slightly awkward, slightly hilarious and slightly self-indulgent holiday remake of "We Are the World."

As an added (budget-friendly) "gift" to viewers, we also polled everyone in the agency for their favorite holiday songs and created an iTunes playlist available for download. You can check out the site and video here. Just don't laugh too much at my sad attempt at singing.

Everyone involved had a great time, and the project was great for morale (one of our original goals) at a time when everyone was stressed and super busy right before the holidays.